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In recent years, violent crimes have become increasingly rampant not only across California but throughout the entire United States. Since this type of crime has become more prevalent, law enforcement has been cracking down and taking all accusations seriously. Unfortunately, this zeal can often lead people to being falsely accused, sometimes when they are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes in California?

If this is not bad enough, due to the eagerness to catch and prosecute violent criminals, there has also been an increase in the severity of penalties for violent crime convictions. When a person has been charged with committing violent criminal behavior, they are subject to extremely harsh fines, long prison sentences, and extensive probation. This is why it is essential to retain the help of our Santa Clarita violent crime attorney at Lias Law Firm as soon as possible.

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Types of Violent Crimes

We have successfully defended our clients in a number of violent offenses, including:

California’s Three Strikes Law

In 1994, the Three Strikes Law of California was enacted. This law came right after a series of tragic child murders that had been committed by repeat offenders of violent crimes became publicized by the media. Under the Three Strikes Law, any defendant who has been charged and convicted of committing three offenses will then face life in prison. Kidnapping, raping, assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, and murder are all counted as strikes.

What is the Problem with California's Three Strike Law?

However, the problem with this law is that some crimes, which are technically non-violent in nature, are still counted as strikes, including possessing and reselling controlled substances, possessing property that has been stolen, and being involved in petty thefts, as long as there were previous offenses. This is where you will need an experienced attorney to protect you from the penalties of the Three Strikes Law.

    How to Defend Against Violent Crime Accusations

    There are many ways that our skilled violent crime attorney can go about establishing a powerful defense for your case.

    For example, it is common for police to rush in whenever they hear a rumor of a violent crime, and they often do not conduct a thorough investigation. Alternatively, a prosecutor might overcharge the actual circumstances of a crime. In the worst-case scenario, completely innocent people become victims of false convictions when police get supposed “testimonies” from witnesses who are purposefully lying or are at least mistaken. If this occurs, you could be misidentified and suffer the penalties of these false charges.

    Another problem is that law enforcement officials usually desire to clear cases quickly, so they can move on to a new investigation. This often leads them to gather an insufficient amount of evidence or statements from witnesses. Rogue officers have even been known to utilize illegal methods of securing “evidence.” All of these wrongful procedures should be excluded from your case, and our skilled attorney can make sure the jury knows about the wrongs you have faced in the justice system.

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    It is difficult to get your life back to normal after a violent crime conviction because you will always have that mark on your record. Any criminal record creates a negative reputation, but being charged with a violent crime can lead to a permanent stain on your reputation, even if you have served your sentence. To avoid the consequences of a conviction, reach out to our Santa Clarita violent crime lawyer immediately.

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