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What is Post-Conviction Relief in California?

According to California legislation, post-conviction relief allows attorneys to file a motion to try and vacate, modify, or reduce a conviction in attempts to improve your criminal history. At Lias Law Firm, we are determined to fight for our clients’ best interests, even following their conviction. This is because a judge or jury can get the details of a case wrong, which can have long-lasting consequences on your freedom and reputation. You can trust that our Santa Clarita post-conviction attorney is ready to aid you in understanding your available options to clean your criminal record.

Without the aid of a post-conviction lawyer in California, it is likely that your criminal record can harm you in the future, whether you are looking to attend a college, seeking a new job, or simply trying to rent or mortgage a home. Depend on our firm to help decrease, expunge, or seal your conviction for a more promising future.

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What are Post-Conviction Relief Options Available through California’s Penal Code?

There are distinctive options to gain relief after a conviction, but you must qualify under California’s Penal Code. If you are eligible for relief, your record will be cleared in both the federal and state databases.

The three primary options which might apply to you include:

  • Seeking to completely dismiss a conviction
  • Applying to reduce a higher felony charge to a lower misdemeanor
  • Attempting to seal or totally erase any records of either a case of detention or an actual arrest

Determining Whether Your Charges Are Eligible for Post-Conviction Relief in Santa Clarita

One aspect that it is crucial to remember is that every individual’s charge and conviction are completely different and unique, which in turn means that relief options will differ from person to person.

Eligibility for relief following a post-conviction includes any scenario where:

  • You have been given an effective defense from your attorney
  • You have been charged with a major felony that gets changed to a misdemeanor
  • You were never put in prison for the crime you were charged with
  • Law enforcement never told you of your Constitutional rights or even alerted you to the consequences that would come from agreeing to a plea
  • You have completely fulfilled your probation and never served any prison time
  • Your charge was a marijuana offense

Taking Aggressive Initiative

When you have been charged and convicted for a crime in Southern California, it is important to remember that all convictions stay on the record unless they have been purposefully removed. Even when you are innocent, you must get your record cleaned by the court. This challenging task can be much more successful with our Santa Clarita post-conviction lawyer at your side. You can trust our firm to defend your case and work toward clearing your name.

Call our post-conviction attorney in CA at (661) 529-7011 or contact us online so we can answer all of your questions about post-conviction relief.

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